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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Girls Games! You'll find no less than 369 different Girls Games, such as Instagirls Dress Up & Douchebag's Chick.?

Play Cute, Fun Games for Girls at FunnyGames!

At FunnyGames we’ve got a great collection of girls games ready for you to enjoy. Check out the sidebar to the left to view all the categories, or browse the thumbnails to find just the girl game you’re after. We’ve got a huge selection spanning pages and pages of Dressing-Up games, including celebrity dress up and fashion designer games. Or how about one of our entertaining Makeover games, for girls interested in make-up, hairdressing, beauty treatments, and doing their nails. We also have a number of great game series that are incredibly popular among female gamers, like the Delicious time management series, in which you can follow the adventures of caterer Emily and her family, and help them manage their kitchens and restaurants.

Crushes, Love Quizzes, and Other Fun Girls’ Games

Are you curious about crushes and dating? We’ve also got some great love quiz games, lover meters and love testers. Run them on your crushes, your friends’ crushes, and your classmates to see how your and their fortunes will fare in love. And speaking of dating, how about some super funny secret kissing games? Can you help the lovey-dovey couple kiss without anybody seeing them do it?

A lot of Fun and Cute Games for Girls

If your love for pets and farm animals comes above everything, however, we’ve also got lots of great animal care games for you. Play with horses, dolphins, dogs, cats, and other lovely pets. If you want to keep your own farm animals, why not try to collect pastures full of your favorite animals in one of our many farming games for girls? You can even build your own castle and collect magical animals, too. Whatever type of girl games you like best, you can experience the fun and freely indulge in all your most girly interests and magical princess fantasies with our FunnyGames girls’ games collection!

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