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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of War Games! You'll find no less than 132 different War Games, such as Archery War & Don't Whack Your Boss.?

Lead Your Army to Victory in the Best Online War Games

Lead your army into battle and defeat your enemies in a series of amazing online war games. All the games you see listed below are free to play directly in your browser window, no downloads needed. Gather resources and train your soldiers to get your army ready for battle. Pick the right strategy and deploy your units cleverly. Can you survive these military conflicts and win the war? On this page you’ll find all kinds of war games set in different historical periods, from the ancient world of swords and myths to the second world war. You can command your own fleet of warships, planes, and tanks in these popular single player and multiplayer war games.

Play War Games for Free and Defend Your Country, Kingdom, or Fortress

Start by building a military camp and recruiting soldiers. You can hire professionals, or train civilians. Collect enough resources to fund your war efforts and the weapons your will need to win each fight. Once you have done all you can to ready your side for battle, it’s time to start your campaign and march to the battlefield. Defeat your enemies and progress the game by conquering more zones and expanding your military operations. Can you make your way across the map? We’ve got war games set in various historical periods, 2D bomber plane and endless war games, as well as immersive 3D multiplayer games with realistic tanks, jeeps, and weapons. With a huge selection of fantastic titles and more games being added to our collection every week, FunnyGames is the best place to play war games online!

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