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Two Player
On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Two Player Games! You'll find no less than 44 different Two Player Games, such as Fireboy and Watergirl 5: Elements & Fireboy and Watergirl 1.?

Play the Best 2-Player Games Online with your Friends!

Two-player games are fun games to share with your friends. They differ from multiplayer games in the sense that these games are played by no more than 2 players at a time. So team up with a friend and choose a character each. Who will be your Player 2? You can compete with each other in a series of fun fighting and shooting games, or solve puzzles together in a number of action-packed cooperative platformer games.

Fun 2-Player Games with Cooperative Gameplay

There are lots of amazing 2-player co-op platformer puzzle adventures to try, like the titles Fireboy and Watergirl, or Money Movers. You can play these games alone by controlling both players simultaneously, and that’s quite a challenge in itself. However, it’ll be more fun if you try to partner up with a friend. Pull up another desk chair so that you can both reach the keyboard. Control one character with the WASD keys, and the other with the arrow keys. Guide your heroic duo through the challenging levels. It’ll take solid teamwork to get past all of the obstacles. Make sure to help each other along!

Defeat your Opponents in our Competitive 2-Player Games for Kids

In competitive two-player games, your partner is your rival. You might be opponents in a boxing match, board game, or a worms-style war game in which you take turns firing bombs at each other. Can you best your friends in these strategy and combat games? Take a swing or shot at each other and see which one of you will win the most rounds. Games are so much better when you play together, so have fun with the addictive two-player games in our collection!

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