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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Truck Games! You'll find no less than 19 different Truck Games, such as Truck Loader 1 & Truck Loader 2.?

Play the Best Free Truck Games Online at FunnyGames

Drive the largest and most powerful trucks with the fun titles in our truck games collection. Trucks are designed to transport all kinds of cargo, so load everything into your lorry and mount the steps to the driver’s cab. From road trains and 18-wheeler semi-trailer trucks to giant monster trucks, you’ll find them all collected on this catalog page. Pick your favorite mighty vehicles and let’s roll!

Deliver Your Cargo Safely in our Fun Truck Racing Games

Once all the heavy crates have been placed in your truck, you’re ready to hit the road. In some of our truck driving adventures you’ll be racing along a busy motorway. Make sure you don’t cause any traffic accidents, and keep your truck from running out of fuel. Other games will take you off-road for deliveries to remote areas in the hills or forests. The rough terrain is hard on your tyres. Don’t let your truck tip your over! If your cargo falls out of the truck, there’ll be no cranes or fork-lift trucks around to load everything back into your cargo box or flatbed. By driving carefully and buying upgrades for your truck, you’ll be able to complete each run without accidents.

Enjoy Exciting Truck Driving Games with Lots of Different Vehicles!

In our monster truck games, however, it’s all about causing accidents and explosions! Race through an arena full of obstacles and crush any vehicles that cross your path. Your heavy-duty suspension and sturdy tube-frame chassis can handle anything! Well… almost anything. If you do crash your ride, try one of our tow truck games in which your objective is to tow away broken vehicles. You can also drive ambulance trucks, diesel trucks, and more. Have a browse through our many truck games and find your new favorites!

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