On you'll find the best collection of Sniper Games! You'll find no less than 31 different Sniper Games, such as Stickman Archer 2 & Sniper Assassin 2.?

Play Sniper games for free online at FunnyGames

Enjoy a broad selection of action-packed sniper games for free at FunnyGames! Here you’ll find an overview of our most popular sniper titles. In these games, you take on the role of a deadly assassin. Choose a spot to lie in wait and use your rifle’s scope to locate your targets. In each level, you’ll receive one or more missions to carry out. Make sure you lock the right targets in the cross-hairs, because once you’ve fired your bullets you can’t take ‘em back! Pay close attention to each briefing and make sure you don’t bungle your assignments. Otherwise the next target might be you!

Sniper game categories

Usually, Sniper games fall into two general categories: military-themed sniper games and sniper assassin games. Head out as part of a special ops team and take up a concealed position so that your enemies can’t detect you. Using your high-precision rifle and excellent marksmanship, you’ll be able to collect information and stealthily pick off your targets. In sniper assassin games, you’ll find yourself working as a hitman for a number of shady employers. In both games, you will usually be able to save up cash to purchase more powerful weapon systems.

Sniper tactics

While the key to success is an accurate aim, camouflage and observation skills are also very important to successfully carrying out your missions. Sometimes, you will have to lie in wait and observe the scene until your target arrives. Other times, your target will be in plain sight, but you will have to await the perfect moment to shoot. Your target might be somewhere among a crowd of people, for instance. Did you pay close enough attention to the details in the briefing to identify the right mark? In games with multiple targets, achieving your objective will depend on remaining undetected. You’ll have to figure out which kills are the least likely to be detected to buy you the time you need to get the job done.

Sniper and other shooting adventures

We also have a range of other gun games for you to try out. Check out our shooting games pages for a complete overview. If you like the first-person aspect of sniper games, be sure to test your reaction speed and marksmanship in our FPS games as well! Have fun playing!

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