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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Robot Games! You'll find no less than 25 different Robot Games, such as Mango Piggy Piggy Hero & Raze 1.?

Play the Best Online Robot Games for Kids!

In our collection of cool robot games you can build your own robots, fight in the arena with your battle bots, or use your humanoid machines to explore all kinds of dangerous platform levels. Robots are sophisticated machines that can be programmed to perform tasks. In these computer games, you can control the robots and direct their movements. In some games you can build your own robot. Drag the mechanical parts to the right area on the blueprint and piece together your artificial warrior. You can switch out parts to boost your robot’s capabilities or simply to change its appearance. In other games, your robot is ready made. Help it escape from a military lab, infiltrate a space ship, or undertake some other dangerous adventure.

Enjoy Our Collection of Free Robot Games and Command Cool Androids

Robots are a frequent subject of science-fiction novels and films, from the Robot novels of Isaac Asimov to the evil Cybermen and Daleks of the Doctor Who series. Sometimes the robots resemble human beings, like in the Terminator series, but in other stories the danger might come from advanced and out of control artificial intelligence systems. In our entertaining online robot games, you’ll not only encounter androids and cyborgs, but also iron-plated robot dragons, cybernetic unicorns, and cyborg dinosaurs. Even though our robot heroes are complex machines created with advanced technology, without your help these futuristic figures won’t survive the many challenges these games will throw at them! Take control and command your bots in our great selection of fun robot games!

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