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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Ninja Games! You'll find no less than 37 different Ninja Games, such as Vex 4 & Vex 3.?

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We’ve got lots of thrilling ninja games for you to play at FunnyGames. Ninjas are experts in espionage, disguise, infiltration, and assassination. In these action-packed ninja adventures, you can travel to feudal Japan and learn the legendary secret techniques of the shinobi! Climb walls and trees to escape your enemies’ reach, blend into the shadows, and assassinate your foes with your throwing knives and blow darts. As a covert agent, you’re not above using dishonorable methods to survive. Sneak up on your opponents and strike with lethal precision.

Play the Best Online Ninja Games for Kids at FunnyGames

Ninjas are stealthy and quiet, flitting through their environment like ghosts. So much mystery surrounds these masked mercenaries that they have gained all kinds of mystic abilities in popular folklore. For instance, ninjas are said to be able to become invisible and control the elements. In some of our exciting ninja games, your ninja character does have all kinds of cool supernatural powers. Collect an arsenal of awesome ninja weapons such as swords, daggers, and a quiver full of arrows, and move through the night like a shadow. Hide in the trees and run across the rooftops to sneak past the guards and the samurai. Your enemies will never see you coming! Train hard to learn martial arts and the discipline of ninjutsu. Unlock magic scrolls and add all kinds of special attacks to your arsenal. Play our free online ninja games and become the hero of your own ninja adventure! Have fun playing!

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