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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Love Games! You'll find no less than 53 different Love Games, such as Love Tester 3 & Love Tester 1.?

Play the Most Romantic Love Games Online for Free

If you love romantic comedies and love stories, these love games are just the thing for you! All of these games are about the most powerful emotion on the planet: love! In these games, your characters will fall in love, go on romantic dates, flirt with each other, and try to kiss each other in secret. Can you help them bring their love stories to happy conclusion? We’ve got lots of fun love games featuring some of your favourite characters and pairings from Disney cartoons and other series.

Prepare for an Exciting Date in our Cute Love Games for Kids

Your character is head over heels in love and has asked their crush out on a date. If everything goes according to plan they might share their first kiss on this date! Now that the date is set, your character’s heart is racing at the whole idea. Don’t tease him or her about it; now’s the time to make your friendship count! Help them pick a nice outfit to wear, choose a location, add some decorations and play some romantic music to set the mood. This date will be so perfect it’ll be the beginning of a deep and lifelong love. Your job here is done. Excellent work, Cupid!

Enjoy our Great Secret Kissing Love Games and Love Test Games

In our secret kissing games, you get to play Cupid as well. The couples are all trying to keep their love affair a secret from other people, but they really want to kiss each other. It looks like they are just sitting and having a friendly chat, but when you’re sure that nobody is watching, you can get them to smooch without anybody seeing! In our Love Test games you can put your own crushes to the test. See if you and your love interest are a perfect match or a disaster waiting to happen. Love is in the air with our free online love games!

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