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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Boxing Games! You'll find no less than 5 different Boxing Games, such as Ultimate Boxing & Puppet Wars.?

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In our boxing games collection, you can enter the ring and try to beat all of your opponents in a series of one-on-one matches. Boxing is a popular combat sport in which two athletes fight each other on a raised platform called the boxing ring. Choose a boxing game and try to win by knocking your opponent out. Are you an out-fighter, a brawler, or a swarmer? Choose your strategy and try to win the championship! If you want to play our full collection of sports games, take a look here.

Boxing rules

Each boxer must wear gloves, and they can’t kick, head-butt, or hold on to each other. Aside from not being allowed to hit below the belt, boxers will also be disqualified or receive a foul for punching the opponent’s neck or the back of their head. A match is divided into multiple rounds of three minutes, usually with a maximum of 9 to 12 rounds, although the match may end earlier.

Winning a boxing match

If you knock your opponent out and they’re unable to continue the match within a 10-second countdown, you win. During the match, a panel of judges give each fighter points on the basis of their performance. If neither of the boxers is knocked out, the judges’ scorecards determine the winner. Only if the score is equal will the match result in a draw.

Boxing tactics

Boxers are generally divided into three types. Technically proficient out-fighters tend to keep their distance and wear opponents down with fast jabs and clever footwork. Out-fighters have an advantage over brawlers, who are slower on their feet but deal the most devastating punches. Because of their heavy slugging, brawlers tend to have an advantage over the third type, swarmers. Swarmers come in close with a flurry of punches, but often have to endure many punches to the chin before they can get in close enough. Swarmers generally fare better against out-fighters: given the chance, they will crowd their opponent and prevent them from determining the pace of the fight.

Enter the ring

Given this rock-paper-scissors type of skill division, will you be able to size up your opponent and choose the right character stats and tactics to win each match? Fight your way to the final in our boxing games. If you want more martial arts and combat action, don’t forget to check out our combat games catalogue as well!

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