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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Animal Games! You'll find no less than 253 different Animal Games, such as Butterfly Kyodai & Angry Birds Cannon.?

Collect Lovely Pets in our Collection of Free Online Animal Games

Here at FunnyGames, we’ve got a lovely collection of animal games for you to play. In these games, you can collect all the cute pets you’ve ever wanted. Care for your animals, teach them tricks, groom them and dress them up in cute outfits, or run a pet shelter for rescue animals. There are so many games and so many pets to choose from! We’ve got everything from domestic animals like cats, dogs, and rabbits, to various exotic wild animals like lions, tigers, crocodiles, and giraffes. If you love animals, this is the games pages for you!

Become a Vet in our Free Online Animal Care Games

Do you want to become a vet when you grow up? In our animal care games, you can learn what it’s like to run your own animal clinic. Care for horses, kittens, puppies, birds, and other animals. Give them their medicine and take care of any injuries they have. You can wash and brush their fur to clean them up and make them look warm and fluffy again. Once all the animals are nursed back to health, you can often dress them up with all kinds of adorable pet accessories!

Animal Sims and Animal Farm Games

We’ve also got a great collection of 3D animal simulation games in which you can experience what it’s like to roam the forests and plains as a tiger, a fox, and lots of other big and small animal species. Collect animals on your farm, or manage your own stables full of wonderful horses. What’s your favourite animal? Browse our collection and you’ll be sure to find just the games for you!

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