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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Fighting Games! You'll find no less than 520 different Fighting Games, such as Vex 4 & Miami Crime Simulator 3D.?

Play the Best Online Fighting Games

We’ve got all kinds of cool fighting games waiting for you at FunnyGames! Take down your opponents in all kinds of crazy fights, from martial arts tournaments to street brawls, and from war games to military combat missions. Whether you’re allowed to use weapons or hand-to-hand techniques only, these games feature lethal violence. Can you defend yourself against your attackers while hitting back with some well-timed attacks?

Cool Martial Arts and Fist Fight Games

Martial arts games have always remained a popular genre ever since the days of the arcade fighting game. In these games, you can try your hand at all kinds of martial arts from all over the world. Try to knock out your opponent in the boxing ring in one of our many boxing games. In other self-defence games, you’ll have to use your Kung Fu moves or karate chops to beat the other fighters into submission. Or how about becoming a nimble ninja? Grab your sword and show us your skills as you cut down all foes who dare offer you resistance! Level up and become an invincible fighting machine!

Free Online Fighting Games with Soldiers, Monsters, and More!

If you would rather fight with weapons than your fists, rally your soldiers in one of our many military themed fighting games. Lead your army into battle and fight the enemy forces. Upgrade the equipment that is available to your troops and lead your men to victory. Whether you are fighting off the waves of monsters, demonstrating your abilities and fighting spirit in a judo match, or winning a pocket monster battle, we’ve got the best online fighting games for you! Get ready to battle!

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